Wire Rope Stopper (Clamp Ring), Stainless Steel, KL 00034

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Stainless steel cable stop / clamping ring, with radially-inserted Allen screw, for rope diameters 3 and 4 mm. Pressure base and pressure plate of the Allen screw with special geometry for particularly high clamping forces. Keeps traction slip-free up to about 200 kilograms. Cable stops with an additional slot/port (for subsequent mounting) are also available at an extra charge; please inquire if needed.   >>> Price



The cable stopper is used to keep wire ropes on free-standing frames, garden trellises, pergolas, etc.. permanently tensioned. The middle or intermediate posts of a wire frame system can also be firmly coupled with the tensioned ropes, and thus stabilised. It can also be used as a 'rung' on ropes to provide additional support for the plants. The stopper can be loosened/detached to re-tension the wire rope. Please refer to our general information on cable clamps for extra support as needed. 



We recommend *not* cutting the ropes exactly to size beforehand, but leaving a projection of 20 - 50 cm... or rather, to work "from the reel." First, thread the stopper on the cable. Then grip the cable with a mounting vice or similar, tighten it manually, push the stopper up to the post, hold it in this position, and screw it on. If the rope is inserted several times through posts or the like in large climbing installations, deformations can occur at the end of the rope (e.g. by folding over individual rope strands). A piece of rope (2 - 3 cm) may then need to be cut off again using wire rope cutters to get a clean cut before threading on the next clamping ring.

Then grip the cable with a machine vice (or similar) and tighten it manually. Wire ropes need to be cleanly cut and un-crimped for being able to push the stopper on; you may check whether you need special wire rope cutters. Push the stopper all the way to the stop (wooden post) or whatever you are assembling on. Keep in this position and tighten the setscrew of the clamp. In order to keep the stopper from moving or tilting whilst tightening, we suggest a second vice to hold the position of the stopper (see photo). The rope is then cut off with a projection of approx. 10 cm. and secured against unraveling with an end sleeve.


Special Features

The statements on slip resistance cannot be guaranteed. Ring-shaped marks on the rope might remain after a loosening of the grub screw (allen key).



Body made in Germany (Saxony), grub screw from the Far East.