Relief Spring, SF 02530

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Tension spring made of stainless steel 1.4310, wire thickness 2.5 mm, length 50 mm (spring body approx. 30 mm), maximum permissible stress without plastic deformation including safety factor: approx. 30 kg (0.3 kN). Permissible stretch-ability: approx. 18 mm. >>> Price



For special cases, primarily with easy kits and possibly with insulation. Especially for wire ropes in base areas which are at risk of being overstretched (from bouncing soccer balls or from people leaning on the springs, etc..). The tension spring acts as a strain relief and increases the stretch-ability, protecting wall mounts from high tension loads and thus from bending, deformation, etc.. The tension spring is also used to prevent the wall mounts from being damaged. Too high a load (too much cable tension) can cause irreversible extension of the spring. The number of springs in a climbing system can be limited by optimising the cable arrangement (networking / cross-linking the wire ropes). In most cases, it is possible to connect at least two ropes to each other via deflection and to incorporate the spring in the middle -- thus making it "responsible" for both ropes. Please refer to our general info on cable clamps/grips for further support as needed.



Installation in the cable run takes place before tensioning/clamping the ropes-- so, while they are still slack (e.g. as a "spring set"... see photo above) with two additional cable grips, thimbles and end sleeves.



Made in Germany (Saxony)