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Turnbuckle M8 Hook-Eye, SP 08280

Stainless steel turnbuckle

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Heavy-duty turnbuckle made of stainless steel A2 with hook and eye, open version, with right and left hand thread, M8, length approx. 190 -280 mm, max. tensioning distance 9 cm, jaw width of hook approx. 10 mm. >>> Price



As a cable tensioner in wire and cable trellises for cables with 4 mm diameter; mainly used as an adjusting element for free-standing wire frames (like system 0050). Please refer to the general information about cable clamps, etc.. for more support as needed.



Before installing the turnbuckle, eye and hook(s) are screwed as far away from the clamping body (the turnbuckle) that their threaded shafts still protrude about 1 cm into the sleeve. (Attention: right-hand AND left-hand thread!) Tension the cable slightly; then apply turnbuckle. For wire frames analogous to system 0050, the turnbuckle with the hook is hooked into the ground anchor EA 12800. Then the final tension can be achieved with a few turns of the clamping sleeve. To this an awl (mandrel), nail, or screwdriver is inserted through the middle of the sleeve, and the sleeve is then turned so that both threaded shafts pull inwards evenly. Both are then screwed into the sleeve with about half its length into the threaded sleeve; this gives a harmonious appearance, and there is still plenty of space available for any re-tensioning that may be required later.



Imported (the Far East)

Two short wire rows for the private garden, here to trellis raspberry. The position of the posts can be adjusted by loosening the tensioner on one side and tightening it on the other.
Wire frame trellis for raspberries
Use of turnbuckle SP 08280 with a guy rope (see photo above), hooked into a ground anchor. Espaliered fig.
Heavy turnbuckle combined with ground anchor