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Egg-Shaped Cable Clamp, EI 00000

Stainless steel egg-shaped cable clamp

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Modular ovoid clamp made of stainless steel A4 cable, body consisting of 2 half-shells and a countersunk screw. Two sizes: for 3 or 4 mm cable (two versions for 3 mm). Three egg-shaped clamps (3mm, polished) are shown in the photo above-- one closed and two open.

  • EI 03000, for 3 mm wire - Price

  • EI 04000, for 4 mm wire - Price



Egg-shaped clamps have an attractive design and a clamping strength about as great as that of classic U-shaped grips. They can be used as a decorative fixing element in interiors, on playground equipment and toys, or wherever a traditional grip/clamp with its protruding screws is inappropriate due to the risk of injury. At FassadenGrün they serve as special clamps for the permanent attachment of 3 mm wire ropes to eyebolts, etc..by means of looping; they are often used in conjunction with a turnbuckle (see picture below). The 4 mm egg clamps are intended for heavy tensioning cables ('guy ropes'). Please note that these ovoid clamps cannot be used as a replacement of the standard u-shaped cable clamps in our easy kits without further ado, because then the cables within the clamp can no longer be tightened against each other. If necessary, refer to our general information on the use of clamps, grips, etc..



Similar to the guidelines for easy kits, because in each cable strand with one egg clamp at each end, at least one of the two can be combined with an additional cable tensioner or rigging (turnbuckle M5 fork fork). A rope loop is then formed using the egg clamp -- see photos. The tensioner is then mounted between the loop and the eyebolt (or similar), tensioning the steel cable.


Special Features

For 3 and 4 mm cables in facade greening, it is almost always sufficient to fasten each loop with just one egg clamp. In the case of heavily loaded cables, a second clamp can be used.




Egg-shaped cable clamp
Stainless steel egg-shaped clamp on an inclined trellis cable installed with thimble, turnbuckle, eyebolt, and ferrules; grapevine.
Stainless steel egg clamp
01: Folded cable
Folded cable
02: Insert both strands sideways into the half-opened egg clamp.
Assembling egg clamp and wire rope
03: Screw on the egg clamp just enough to prevent the cables from slipping sideways out of the grooves.
Mounting an ovoid clamp
04: Fasten both cables behind the egg clamp with assembly vice LS 10000, inserting thimble.
Use a vice (LS 10000) to grasp both cables behind the cable clamp and insert the thimble.
Egg clamp during assembly
05: On the left side, press the two cables together behind the thimble; then from the right, push the egg clamp firmly against the thimble and screw it in place (tighten the countersunk screw).
Cable clamp with Torx-screw