Stainless Steel Ring 5/50 mm, RI 05050

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Welded round ring made of stainless steel 316, outer diameter 50 mm, material thickness 5 mm. >>> Price



As a distribution / junction point for multiple cable lines (for example, on climbing nets). Also as a link to connect an earth anchor with a rope tensioner or turnbuckle. Please refer to our general information on the cable clamps, etc..



In general, round rings which serve as distribution points should be combined with a screw link so that they can be dismantled if necessary. A cable tensioner (turnbuckle) can be installed to tighten the distribution point. Mount the cables in an order that ensures that the first cables installed do not slacken while the other cables are being installed. The order in which several ropes are installed should be such that ropes that have already been tensioned are not robbed of their pretension by ropes that are installed later with a different direction of force.



Imported (the Far East)