Wire Rope Grip 3 mm, SB 03020

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Cable grip/clamp: Modular fastening element made of stainless steel A4, consisting of basic body, clamping bracket M4, and nuts M4. The clamping bracket is slightly shorter than with the related cable grip SB 04020. As an alternative to other suppliers, the 3 mm cable grip from FassadenGrün has a strong 4 mm threaded U-bolt. This ensures that the grip does not break even when tightened vigorously. >>> Price



Cable grips/clamps for permanent attachment of 3 mm cable to wall mounts by means of looping.



According to the specifications for easy basic and basic-s kits or medium kits. If the cables are stacked in U-clamps/brackets one above the other, the loaded cable should be on the "anvil" below and the unloaded cable part should be in the curve of the clamp above. If necessary, refer to the general information about the use of grips/clamps, etc..


Special Features

For cables in facade greening, it is almost always sufficient to fasten every loop with a cable grip. At especially higher "suspension points," or if there is any danger of the cable slipping in(to) another form (as with system 0040), 2 or even 3 grips (U-clamps) per loop are set one behind the other, at a distance of approx. 2 cm distance. 



Imported (Far East)