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Miniature Cable Winch (Tensioner), SP 03000

Wire rope tensioner

Product Sheet

Description / Price

"Fast and efficient" is the tagline for this tensioner. Even if its design may leave something to be desired, its functionality wins us over. No need to cut the wire/cable as with other turnbuckles. It also requires no special tools; tensioning is done with a simple open-ended wrench. This tensioner can be tightened at any time and precisely, which makes it possible to work even on relatively short rope segments. Completely made of stainless steel, namely of rust-resistant zinc alloy (die-cast). >>> Price


Cable tensioner for all common cable thicknesses under 3 mm, conditionally also for 3 mm wire rope. Also available as a fence tensioner. Can be used on pre-tensioned as well as on slack wires (quick release). An ideal solution for espalier wires, laundry "lines," tension wires in wire mesh fences, and anywhere where you want to re-tension a wire line after installation. wire needs to be re-tensioned. Please refer to our general information about cable clamps, etc.. for extra support as needed.



For assembly procedure-- see photos. Use work gloves. Place the body of the tensioner on the wire without the anilox roller, then insert the anilox roller so that it grips/catches the wire. Engage the ratchet clamp/strap and then turn the ratchet cylinder (roller) with a wrench to tension the wire in finer increments.



Made in Germany

Mounted winch tensioner
cable tensioner
Positioning of the body on the cable
Installing cable tensioner
Inserting the ratchet cylinder (roller)
Fastening the ratchet cylinder (roller)
Finishing the installation