Stainless Steel End Sleeve, EH 00018 / 00003 / 00004

Product Sheet

Description / Prices

End sleeve made of soft, stainless steel A2/A4, for 1.8 mm, 3 mm, or 4 mm cable. EH 00004 for 4 mm cable is pictured.

  • EH 00018, A2 (AISI 304), for cable diameter 1.8 mm  - Price

  • EH 10003, A4 (AISI 316), for cable diameter 3 mm  - Price

  • EH 00004, A4 (AISI 316), for cable diameter 4 mm - Price



Put on the exposed ends of wire rope (cable) to prevent fraying and unraveling. Can also be used to provide an extra grip ('climbing rungs') for plants with tendrils or voluble (twining) petioles. Please refer to our general information on cable ends (protective sleeves).



The cable must be cut cleanly with the help of wire rope cutters. After cutting, twist the strands in the direction of their braid as one would twist sewing thread before threading it through a needle. Thread the cable through the protective sleeve by turning it slightly in the direction of the strands. Be careful not to twist the delicate strands; it is important that none of the cable's individual strands end up outside the end sleeve or get bent backwards. The end sleeve can be placed flush with the end of the cable, or the cable can protrude 1-2 mm. The protective end cap is then pressed on with standard combination pliers or water pump pliers. 



Made in Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia)