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Eyelet Screws and Eyebolts

This section covers stainless steel staples, eyelets, eyebolts, galvanised ground anchors, and other eyelet-screws. Here you will find the respective product sheets for all these, generally referred to as 'eyebolts.' FassadenGrün recommends eyelet screws especially for easy kits and for some other special cases.

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Stainless Steel Staple Nail

Staple Nail

KN 04055

Stainless Steel Eyelet Nail

Eyelet Nail

NA 04060

Stainless Steel Ring Bolt

Eyebolt M6

WM 06030

Eyelet Bolt M8

Eyebolt M8

WM 08080

3 Types of Galvanized Ground Anchors

Earth Anchor

EA 10000