Thimble Eyes, KA 03425

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Thimble: parabola-shaped bent sheet metal with a groove for wire rope, made from stainless steel A2, closed version. Groove width 4 mm, for 3 and 4 mm cable. >>> Price



For forming loops when attaching cable to 'open' eyelets, like with turnbuckles, quick (screw) links, etc.. The thimbles adjust the radius of the loop (provide a defined bending radius for the cable) and prevent cable wear due to rubbing/abrasion. For closed eyelets, an already open thimble KA 03429 is available as an alternative. Please refer to our general information on rope clamps, etc..



When mounting on a closed eyebolt, these cable thimbles must still be opened before mounting. Thimbles KA 03429 are therefore available as an alternative (see photo on right).



Imported from the Far East