Cross Clamps for Wire Rope

For the stability and aesthetics of the cable system, cables are fastened at the crossing points. It also makes sense to put a wall mount there. But this can get very expensive if the trellis grid is 'cable dense' (that is, has many cables in a close arrangement). For that reason, 'floating clamps' without a wall connection  -- 'cross clamps' -- were developed. They allow wire ropes or trellis rods to be fastened together and prevent ropes "rubbing" against each other. We offer cable clamp elements varying in stability, aesthetics, and price, and you can find them listed here. Crossheads, for the making of wall mounts, are discussed elsewhere. Learn below which "mesh sizes" match with which cross clamps and how to use them with metal rods in a cable system. >>> Price list


General Information

Cross Clamps 3 mm

SK 03012 / SK 03444