Wire Rope Cutters

With steel ropes DS 00000, a clean cut is necessary to put the end sleeves on. For this, wire rope cutters can be used; we offer three in our product line. They differ in terms of design and force required for cutting, in the quality of steel and service life of the blades, and in price. Please note the differences before you buy a wire rope cutter!

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Cable cutters consist of two arms connected by a joint. Each of the arms has a clutch/handle lever at the back. The front steel is ground to a sharp cutting edge. The quality of the cut can be improved by using high-quality, more expensive steel (in the handles and the head). The cutting head and handle lever are then separated for saving costs: the handle lever is made of inexpensive sheet steel. Both parts are then riveted together before the complete cable cutter is formed from the two scissor arms (handles). 

Cable Cutters from FassadenGrün

Which is the appropriate cable cutter? FassadenGrün offers three options: the excellent original Felco C7 Cable-Cutter SC 34000 (ProPlus) as well as a quality imitation SC 34999 as a professional cable shear. The simple hobby-quality wire cutter SC 33777 requires more cutting force.

Alternatively, you can cut your cables/wire ropes with a heavy side cutter. If 'flexed' with a vice, the separation point must first be bound with tape so that the wire ropes do not unravel everywhere. The cable is too dense to cut with normal pliers, scissors, or bolt cutters.