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Wire Rope Grip 4 mm, SB 04020

Stainless steel wire rope grips 4 mm

Product Sheet

Description / Price

U-shaped cable grip: modular stainless steel A4 cable clamp with M4 body, clamp and nuts. The 'U' of the grip is longer than the comparable SB 03020. >>> Price



FassadenGrün uses mostly 3 mm cable, for which the grip (U-clamp) SB 03020 serves best. In exceptional cases the 4 mm grip will be required, e.g. for fastening 4 mm cable by means of looping on earth/ground anchors, as with cable system 0050. Please refer to the general information on the use of rope clamps, etc..



According to the requirements of the respective cable system (see, for example, system 0050). If the cables  in the grip are such that one is on top of the other, the load-bearing cable should be at the bottom of the grip and the unloaded cable section at the top in the curve of the grip.


Special Features

When used for climbing cables on facades, it is nearly always sufficient to fix each loop with only one clamp. On particularly high walls, on high anchorage points, or if there is danger of the cable slipping in any other way, 2 or even 3 grips are to be set per loop, with approx. 2 cm distance-- one behind the other.



Imported (the Far East)

With grip attached to a wire framework (cable system 0050)
Wire rope grip