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Turnbuckle M5, Fork-to-Fork SP 05130

Stainless steel turnbuckle fork-fork M5

Product sheet

Description / Price

Turnbuckle made of stainless steel A4, maritime design, closed design with threaded sleeve, with right and left-hand thread M5, length approx. 130 -190 mm, tension distance max. 6 cm, breadth of both forks approx. 6 mm, clevises (fork heads) welded with a mutual jet locking nut.



Mostly in the maritime sector. For wire and cable up to 1.8 mm (3 mm) diameter. For wire and cable trellises as tensioning and adjusting element. Please refer to the general information on rope clamps, etc.. for further support if needed.



Before installing the turnbuckle, loosen the locknuts and turn them up to the threaded forks. (Attention: right-hand AND left-hand threads!) Then the forks are screwed out so far that their threaded shafts protrude about 1 to 1.5 cm into the closed clamping sleeve. For the subsequent installation of the entire tensioner in the cable path, i.e. into prepared cable loops or wall mounted eyelets, the safety pins and bolts may need to be removed from the forks. It is, however, often simplest to make the rope loops directly on site of the undismantled screw tensioner. The installation into the cable course should be carried out in such a way that cable or wire is already slightly tightened. Then the final tensioning can be achieved with a few turns of the tension sleeve. A mandrel (awl), nail, or the like is inserted through the centre of the sleeve and the sleeve is turned so that both threaded forks are pulled inwards evenly. Both forks are then screwed into the sleeve with about half the thread length; this gives a harmonious look, and there is still enough clamping room for any re-tensioning that may be necessary later. Finally, the two threaded nuts are screwed back onto the sleeve and tightened there. This secures the set tension.



Imported (the Far East)

Turnbuckle for stainless steel wire ropes
Cable tensioner for wire trellises