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Variant 02 - Cavity Fastening

Cavity Fastening is the second of eight variants to provide growing technology at “special facades”. The variant is a question of where, behind the outer shell, there is a cavity in which a dowel introduced from the outside can spread, knot or fold over. These can be special cavity dowels, e.g. tilting and folding dowels, but also universal dowels are often suitable. Standard kits cannot always be used with variant 02, below you will find hints and alternatives.

Area of Application

Cavities are found, for example, on double-sided planking of verandas, winter gardens, etc., they can be filled, 'hollow,' or also filled with insulating material. Cavity fixtures are very flexible. They are suitable for all coverings listed under special facades, with the exception of shingles and quadrangular tubes. It can be attached virtually anywhere, and the stability achieved is significantly higher than, for example, variant 01. The achievable wall spacing is also better. The installation cost for variant 02 is slightly higher.

Variant 05 is also suitable for thicker or 'doubled' materials (e.g. cladding with the wall panel behind), where the thickness of the boards is at least 35 - 40 mm.

Restrictions for cavity mounting

One should nevertheless - especially if instead of 2 mm thicker- 3 mm rope is used,  put the adherence points as close as possible to the substructure, in Center or in the middle of a shuttering board that any deformation under load (tenting, torsion) is greater. With this constraint, cavity adherence is also suitable for a very thin outer shell with wall thicknesses less than 18 mm.

Depending on the anchor, certain minimum depths of the cavity must be observed. And the respective under wooden board, etc. must itself be more stably attached than the burden it takes on with the stainless steel rope system, which is often under-supported! If necessary, the corresponding area must be reinforced with additional screws or nails and strengthened.

In the course of the drilling process, sometimes the hallow cavity is not hit, but the respective lathing framework, which gives the appearance of a hole in solid material. Then, for this particular point, or for a whole series of holders, a different adherence plan may be selected.

Easy construction

Eye bolt WM 06030 or WM 08080 with cavity dowel HD 08050 are installed, which open up behind the panel as a counter bearing. If the inner rear side is accessible, mating gauges GG 00000 can be used. It is also possible to use eye screws WH 06061 with spiral dowel DH 08050, which tangle or spread behind the panel.

Light construction

Standard kits with WM 06093 can be used. Instead of the enclosed dowels, a special cavity dowel is required.

Medium construction

Premium kits with WM 08133 can be used; instead of the enclosed dowels, however, a cavity dowel is required. The formwork or slab must then be very stable and rigid.  In exceptional cases - with a very high load - a modified Classic design with WM 10101 and a heavy duty toggle fixing is also possible.

Easy construction style with WM 08080
Mounting into board and batten cladding
Medium construction, detail on the photo, see right
Greening wall cladding
Historic wooden stand construction with double-sided planking, two grape vines
Fixing with hollow wall anchor
medium construction on wood paneling, Grape vine
Fastening into wood panelling
Light construction on plastered wall boards
Wall mount with cavity fastening
Medium construction on profile formwork, apricot bush
Cavity fixing