Collared Wall Plug (plastic anchor)-- several sizes, DH 10065 and others

Product Sheet

Description / Price

General purpose plastic wall anchor (rawl plug), German product (TOX 4 ASK), with collar and holding prongs on four-fold split expansion body, colour: white, weather- and semi-UV resistant, durable. Good hold in wall, no twisting in the drill hole. The first two digits of the article number indicate the outer diameter of the anchor and the drilling diameter, not the screw thickness.

  • DH 06040, 6/40mm: l = 40 mm, for wood thread 4-5 mm, drill-d = 6 mm - Price

  • DH 08050, 8/50mm: l = 50 mm, for wood thread 4-6 mm, drill-d = 8 mm - Price

  • DH 10065, 10/65mm: l = 65 mm, for wood thread 6-8 mm, drill-d = 10 mm - Price

  • DH 12075, 12/75mm: l = 75 mm, for wood thread 8-10 mm, drill-d = 12 mm - Price



For wood thread. For fastenings eyelets of Easy Kits in solid and hollow building materials, also for cross-mounts in Medium Eco Kits. Not suitable for heights above 5 (8) m, 'diagonal pull' or axial load as with system 0010. Always bond with bonding (composite) mortar. Please refer as needed to our general information on anchor technology.


Recommended Tools

For accurately drilled holes, use hammer drill bit HB 44444. Alternatively: concrete drill bit, inexpensive masonry bit or normal universal drill bits can be used. Selection also depends on wall type.



Anchor size fits the respective wood thread (select accordingly). Please take note of the instruction manual for drilling. Clean the drilled holes with brush and blow-out pump, then insert the anchors (rawl plugs). 



Made in Germany (Baden-Württemberg)