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Slate tiles and shingles

'Shingles' are the fifth of 9 different, thin-walled surfaces which are covered in FassadenGrün as 'Special Facades'. On this page, such coverings are examined closer, and our examples of photos shows which of the eight mounting variants listed also at 'Special Facades are suitable for this. The page will help you to select suitable rank technology for your wall covering. Note: with certain climbers structural damage can arise when these grow into the cracks of wall coverings.


Historic buildings, in certain regions often have small-scale partial house covering panels. Most are slate tiles, which are nailed on the frame, sometimes also wooden shingles. Also artificial (asphalt) slate (‘fake slate’) is used in a similar way.

Variants for Mounting of Growth Technology

To avoid damage to the sensitive asphalt shingles, only option 08 (adhering in the load-bearing surface) is possible. Unfortunately, it is almost always necessary to drill through the panels, and in advance is to check whether this is even possible without risking destruction. We recommend the drill cassette UB 77777 with natural slate should be started with a very small diameter and then gradually bored bit by bit larger. Please note if necessary and refer to 'Drilling'.

Greenery of shale boards with beer hops
Green slate-shingles in  Shemnitz / Saxony
Climbing rose with shale coverings
Climbing rose on slate-slab cladding
Carport with shale boards, wisteria
slate-tiled carport with glyzine
shingle-cladding with small kiwi, detail on the right photo
Greened shingle cladding
Rope system 4030 to shingle-cladding, small Kiwi fruit, under construction
Wall cladding made of artificial resin shingles
Historical trellis connection, with fixtures like AS 12XX2: trellises can be attached to the fiber cement facade tiles (Eternit) boards
Trellis on eternit plates