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Special and wooden facades

Under 'Special facades' here a fifth group is defined within the wall types, in which at least the standard kits often can be installed. Specifically, the formwork, sheets, metal tube etc. (thin concrete walls are treated separately). Even modern buildings with insulation AND external cladding belong here, often is 'suspended, back ventilated facades'. Most growth technique can also attach to special and wooden facades. First one can find 9 sub pages, which show the typical substrates mounting variants, after you'll see eight pages in which the variants are described. Most solutions can be applied to wooden trellises. It should be noted yet: With some creepers structural damage may occur if these grow in cracks and crevices.

Board and batten cladding

Base / lid formwork

Bottom and top boards

Weatherboarding / Horizontal cladding


Folded smooth edge boards

Profile boarding made of wood

Profile boarding

Tongue and groove bung formwork

Greening open formwork

Open formwork

Board or Rhombus Formwork

Wire ropes on shingles, slate tiles etc.


Small format

Fastening wire rope systems on Facade slabs of plywood, wood fiber etc.

Facade Panels

panels of plywood etc.

How to install climbing plant growth aids on sheet metal facades

Sheet Metal Facades

Smooth / Keystone / Corrugated sheets

Metal square tubes or pipes

Metal square tube

Components made of hollow sections

How to install wire rope systems on sandwich panels

Sandwich Panels

Composite panels with insulation

Direct installation in wall covering

Fixing in the outer shell

Fixing in the outer shell

Cavity fastening in spacial facades

Variant 02

Cavity Dowel

Through-hole fastening, through fastening

Variant 03


Variant 04

additional bracing

Installing through outer covering in lathing behind

Variant 05

Outer shell + battens

Installing through wall cavities

Variant 06

Bonding in the cavity

Variant 07

Bond in cover plates

How to install through cladding into load-bearing structure

Variant 08

Fixing in subsurface