Variant 03 - Growth technology with through-hole fastening

The third of eight variants to attach plant growing technology to special facades is the through-mounting of a metric threaded shank, together with a counter nut on the back. The variant is suitable where walls are accessible from both sides. Unfortunately, this is often not the case, which considerably limits the use of this solution. Unfortunately, standard kits are unfortunately not available, but we will inform you about alternatives on this page.

Scope of application

Concretely, it is mostly about fences or around railings, but also wood-clad or planked, uninsulated secondary buildings. In the case of a freely accessible rear side, this variant is suitable for all coverings listed under special facades. If the boards or the like are not laid together with tongue and groove (increase in stiffness), the brackets should be laid as close as possible to the respective substructure in order to prevent distortion and deformation under plant load. For very thin (sheet metal) walls, proceed according to version 04 (additional support).

Suitable climbing technology

Depending on the climbing plants, different construction styles can be attached, but not with the standard elements. Growth technology with wood thread is always eliminated; metric threads with additional counternut are required and even special holders, also with counternut. Individual kits can be assembled from individual parts by following the content of the standard kits.

Easy construction

Standard kits are unsuitable but the stainless steel eye bolts WM 06030 and WM 08080 are suitable.

Light construction

Standard kits with WM 06093 can be used; but not fastened with dowel, but by fixing it with a counter pressure set.

Medium construction

The premium kits with WM 08133 can be used, instead of the dowel enclosed there is an additional fitting (counter set). Alternatively, as powerful eyelets, the elements WM 10080 and WM 10100 are suitable, usually also plus counter-set.

Heavy construction

The composite mortar and sieve sleeves included in the standard kits are not required. The WM 12191 holder can be used with an additional counter set M12, alternatively also the shorter WM 12161 as well as WM 12227. For larger projects in industrial and metal construction, the grading technology is available with any shaft length. If necessary, it is useful to work with a rope of 3 mm instead of 4 mm in order to reduce the bending kink load in the substratum.