Hollow Wall Toggle Anchors, HD 06050 and HD 08050

Product Sheet


Hollow wall toggle anchor (toggle fixing / 'loop anchor') made of galvanised steel, with mounting strap / assembly loop. Required cavity depth: at least 55 mm. Thread M6 or M8. Inexpensive alternative to US-brand product 'Toggler.' Screwing into the imitation push-tab has considerably more leeway (maneuver room) than the Toggler original.

  • HD 06050, M6, l = 50 mm - Price

  • HD 08050, M8, l = 83 mm - Price



These innovative hollow wall anchors have advantages over classic metal cavity anchors: they are suitable for any panel thickness (10 - 90 mm), not rust-prone, as only the electroplated galvanised metal part remains exposed on the outside of the wall. Therefore, from 2013 onward, only these wall anchors will be used for anchoring wall brackets of the Light and (Medium) 'Premium' (construction) series in wood-like paneling materials (and possibly also trapezoidal sheets), as well as for eyebolts WM 06030 and WM 08080. For the M8 variant, an additional guide sleeve may be required to compensate for the space in the push/sliding tab, especially if the cross mount cannot be screwed tightly enough for soft panel building materials. Refer to our general information on anchor technology and if necessary, contact us with any questions. 


Before Installation

Before placing an order, the grid dimension (spacing) of the vertical wooden supports should be known, if possible-- they are usually about 0.6 to 1.0 meters. An optimum fastening takes place in the areas of about 10 - 25 cm away from the center axis of the vertical supports. In the center between two supports, however, the plates are more susceptible to bending loads. All points for hollow wall (cavity) anchors should be planned and marked accordingly-- close to the outside of the posts.



The plates are drilled through with a 13 mm or (for M8) a 19 mm drill bit; the cavity wall anchor will be 'laid flat' parallel to the two plastic pull straps (drawstrings) and so inserted into the drill hole (Figure 02); it then snaps open at the back and is then pulled strongly against the inner wall with the pull tab. The adjustable push-tab on the two pull straps (tension bands) is pushed tightly up to the drill hole, preferably still slightly fastened or pressed with a screwdriver, while the pull straps (drawstrings) are held taut by pulling the loop (Figure 03). Then both drawstrings (tension straps) are released from each other at the top of the loop and broken off at the waistband by bending/buckling (Fig. 04); then the thread is led through the waistband into the plug/anchor and is tightened very tightly. 



Made in Europe