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Metal Square Pipe

Square metal pipes are the eighth of 9 different, thin-walled substrates, which are considered under 'Special Facades' in FassadenGrün. On this page, such components are illuminated in more detail, and image examples show which of the eight mounting variants, which are also shown in 'Special Facades', are particularly suitable. The site is designed to help you select the right growth system for your situation, e.g. for balcony greening.


Usually it is about supporting balconies, winter gardens, where there are square tubes or rectangular tubes supports. The profiles are made of painted, galvanized steel, made of aluminum or even stainless steel.

Variations for the attachment of Growing technology

The simplest possibility apart from the eight variants is the direct looping of a quadrangular tube with wire rope, see photo. In further exceptional cases variant 03 (through-hole fastening) is suitable, otherwise almost always variant 01 (direct fastening in the outer shell). For example, wall brackets with metric threads such as WM 10101 can be attached directly, but the wall thickness should be at least half as thick as the thread diameter, i.e. for a holder with M10 thread- 5 mm. The four-edged pipes are drilled on one side and are threaded by means of a cutting drill. This manual tapping requires expertise and craftsmanship, and should be done by a specialist company in case of doubt.

Balcony supports made of square metal support tubes
Green metal balcony supports
Special case: wrapping the posts with tensioned wire rope, Grape Vine.
Grapevine on wire cable
Variant 03 - heavy construction at a winter garden.
Greening a winter garden
Variant 01, middle construction style 'Classic' in balcony post, cross holder WM 10101
Stainless steel wire rope on metal square tube
Variation 01, Carport with rope system analogously to 5050, holder WM 10081
Wire trellis system on carport
Variant 03 with special elements (eye bolt M10), here for a sun canopy.
Sun canopy with tension cables
variation 01: WM 12227 (modified) in the wall-integrated steel post of a porch
Metal square tube
With variation 03 - here with WM 10100 together with - the metal strength of the pipe should be big enough, but it comes to the distortion while bracing the bolt.
Through-hole fastening
Variation 03 with WM 08080
Stainless steel eyebolt
Reaming into a metal square tube
Thread cutting
Variation 01: Screw of an eye bolt WM 06030 (with additional seals)
Eyebolt with metric thread
Variation 03: Connection of growth ropes in the corner post of a conservatory.
Wire trellis system on winter garden