Special and Wooden Facades

Here we come to our 5th group of wall types -- special facades -- those for which trellises cannot be mounted using standard mounts or fittings. Specifically, these are: cladding, panels and plates, metal profiles and tubing, etc.. (thin concrete walls are treated separately). Modern buildings with both insulation *and* external cladding belong to this group. Most trellising technology can also be applied to special and wooden facades. We'll first introduce you to nine typical substrates, followed by 8 subpages describing mounting variations ('methods'). Most solutions are also valid for wooden trellises. Please note: with some climbing plants, the shoots can climb into cracks and crevices and affect the integrity of the building (possibly leading to structural damage).

Vertical Cladding

Board-and-Batten vertical siding

Horizontal Lap Siding

 Dutch lap / clapboard / weatherboard / bevel siding

Tongue and Groove Siding

Interlocking siding

Splayed Cladding

Open siding (usu. with trapezoidal profiles)

Slates and Shingles

Small-scale forms

Facade Panels

Panels of plywood, etc..

Sheet Metal Facades

Smooth / Trapezoidal / Corrugated Sheets

Metal Square Tubing

Hollow metal profiles

Sandwich Panels

Composite panels with insulation layer


Variant 01

Attachment in the outer layer

Variant 02

Cavity Plugs (rawl plugs for hollow bodies)

Variant 03

Push-through installation

Variant 04

Additional reinforcement

Variant 05

Outer wall + laths

Variant 06

Gluing in the cavity between panels

Variant 07

Mounting into sandwich panels

Variant 08

Mounting in the load-bearing wall