Variant 04 - Additional Reinforcement

This is the fourth of eight options to attach wire rope systems to special facades. It is about very thin wall construction materials made of sheet metal or panels, which have no usable substructure but whose inside is accessible. There, on the inner side, such panels can then receive an additional reinforcement. Particularly practical is a through-fastening as in the graphics - details can be found below.

Area of application

Here we talk about walls made of sheet metal or thin facade boards with a thickness of 1 - 18 mm, which are accessible on both sides. Such panels are available on secondary buildings such as carports, small garden houses, equipment houses, etc. If a sufficiently large piece of wood or similar is placed on the inside, brackets for stainless steel ropes can be fastened. The stiffness of the wall panels is thereby increased, and they then deform less under the load of a growing aid system.

Assembly of the reinforcment pieces

Depending on the situation, the additional reinforcements are laid vertically or horizontally, preferably parallel to the direction of the outer steel cables. For sheet metal and trapezoidal sheets, it may be useful to record the direction of existing folds (see pictures). If possible, even flat-surfaced substrates, for example chipboard pieces with a surface area of ​​approximately 25 cm × 25 cm, can be installed instead of strip-shaped substrates. It may then be necessary to screw the brackets in additionally and several times with wall construction material, e.g. using tapping screws HS 04550 or HS 05060. This is usually only possible from the outside.

Suitable wire rope Technology

Depending on the climbing plants, Easy, Light and Medium-sized kits of Fassaden Grün can be attached. The standard elements are used. In the case of metric threads, a through-fastening is possible analogously to variant 03, overlying threaded parts can then possibly be used as a suspension hook. In the case of wood threads, this is not the case, then the wooden support is additionally screwed to the outer skin as described above. If you are guided by the content of the standard kits, you can assemble individual kits yourself from individual parts.

Easy construction

Both 'Mini' and 'Basic-S' can be used, for a very strong wall construction but also "Basic". Due to the lack of a metric thread, a through-hole attachment with a back fitting as in variant 03 is not possible. For this reason, it is imperative to attach the wooden shelves to the façade slab from the outside with the help of espalier screws or the like, as already described above.

Light construction style

The thickness of the wooden base is chosen so that it is not more than 35 mm together with the façade panel. There is a through-hole fastening with additional counter fitting M6. The plastic dowels belonging to the cross holder WM 06093 are not used. Additional screw connections of the support and the outer covering can be useful.

Medium construction

In the 'Premium' series, a through-hole mounting with additional mating connector (counter fixing) M8, 'Eco' is screwed into the wooden support without counter-fitting. In both cases the plastic anchors are not used. It can be helpful to attach the wooden planks/boards to the façade slab from the outside with the help of tapping screws or the like. The 'Classic' series is too strong and cannot be used.