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Sheet-Metal Facades

 Sheet metal or metal facades are the seventh of 9 different, thin-walled covers which are considered under 'Special Facades' in FassadenGrün. On this page, such sheet metaling is described in more detail, and by means of pictorial examples, it is shown which of the eight fastening variants, which are also shown in 'special facades', are suitable here. The site is designed to help you select the appropriate growing system for your situation. Attention: structural damage can occur with certain climbing plants if they grow in crevices under sheet metal linings.

Properties of metal façades

Here we discuss small or large sheet facades, such as those found in prefabricated garages and commercial buildings. These can be flat panels made of galvanized steel, zinc, copper and stainless steel, in prefabricated garages also with welded stabilizing bars, or aluminum shafts ( 'aluminum shaft'). Sometimes the sheets are even provided with synthetic resin plaster on the outside. Also on industrial buildings often are trapezoidal sheets made of galvanized steel. For trapezoidal sheets with foamed insulation ('sandwich panels'), you may find information at 'Special Facades'. We recommend the drill cartridge UB 77777 for this work.

Variants for the Installation of Wire Rope Technology

Case 1: The metal sheeting is either located on a solid back surface, or only on the places where the substructure (e.g. battens) or even a wall surface can be used for mounting. The metal facade is therefore pressure-resistant. Then, variant 05 comes into question. The choice of construction style is then dependent on the thickness and texture of the material layer behind the sheet metal. If the substructure is a metal profile, that is, a beam or quadrangle, it is drilled and moved according to variant 03 (through-hole fastening).

Case 2: The sheet metal is hollow, the inner back is accessible. Variant 04 (additional wooden underlay) is available here.

Case 3: The sheet metal is hollow, the inner back is inaccessible. Then variant 08 (fastening in the supporting ground) comes into question. Variant 01 (direct attachment in the sheet metal) only works with strong trapezoidal sheets, which can absorb the resulting loads without deformation.

Variant 04, rope system 5030, light construction kit on plastered steel panel garage, cross holder WM 06093 with wooden supports and counter set, Thunbergia
Greening of a steel-sheet garage
Variation 05, Begrünung of a trapezoid metal-wall, fall protection and bundling help for ivy, middle construction method 'Eco', cross holder WH 08111 without plastic rawl dowel, fastens in the 'valley'-lower part -of the metal and in behind it to recumbent wooden stands.
Green trapezoidal sheet
Variant 08, Grape vine
Wire trellis with grapevine on sheet metal
Variant 08: Zinc-panel cladding in front of concrete slabs, cross holder WM 12XX2, Grape vine in construction
Wire rope trellis on zinc sheet
Greening of a corrugated sheet metal facade made of aluminum ( 'Aluwelle'-aluminum waves) with scarlet firethorn
Sheet metal facade with firethorn
Variant 03, heavy construction with through fastening on aluminum sheet and behind metal profiles
Stainless steel wire rope on aluminium
Variant 04, 3 x medium kit 1060 'Premium' on plastered trapezoidal corrugated garage, cross holder WM 08133 with wooden shelves and mating set, fixed in the 'mountain tops' of the sheet metal, vine in fan shape, winter picture.