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'Solid Wood' as a Base for Climbing Plants

Solid wood is the fourth type of wall, which will be discussed because of the attachment of climbing plants. The good news: It is usually easy to adhere Trellises made of wood or metal cable in solid wood > 8 cm thickness. To learn more about these underground, below you will receive information on the individual designs of FassadenGrün. You can see examples of carports, balcony supports, trusses, pergolas and piles. Caution: Small wood cross sections are discussed in 'special facades'.

Attachment issue of Growing installations

Mostly soft woods or coniferous timber, each with or without impregnation or painting. Trusses or post freestanding growth installations which are covered with rope, may also consist of hardwoods such as oak, black locust or tropical timber. A distinction must be in the 'normal' mounting in the longitudinal sides of the timber by an attachment in less viable wood end grains. This variant should be the exception, for timber structures often crack, which restricts fixing in end grains and would lead to a shortage in viability. Intersecting woods or other connecting areas should be spared in doubt of drilling and mounting.

Easy Construction

The standard kits are always applicable, if necessary,  also directly without plugs.  In addition, all wall eyelets with wood thread, as well as all parts for punching (Staples nails, etc.) are suitable for growth aid equipment.

Light Construction

Standard kits are ideally suited. The metric thread is sufficient, a wood thread is not required. If in doubt, initially just drilled (4-5 mm) and an attachment is attempted without dowels, if this is unsuccessful,  drill and fasten with dowels.

Medium Construction

'Classic' -, 'Eco' - and 'Premium' -kits usable, both without and with enclosed dowels analogous to lightweight construction - see above.

Heavy Construction

Here a different compilation with WM 12161 and direct mounting is recommended into the wood without chemical mortar / mesh sleeves.

Massive Construction

Massive standard kits with WM 12153 are universally applicable from a minimum thickness of wood of about 10-12 cm.

Drilling into solid wood

Holders for growth aids may often not be  directly drilled into the timber, but each must be screwed or nailed into a pre-drilled hole. The diameter of the hole (drill diameter) is determined by the thread core: For softwood it should just be smaller, slightly larger for hard wood. Our cassette UB 77777 contains the standard sizes, which can be attached with easy, light and medium kits. Please use also the Notes for drilling.

Fixing in the rafters
Installed wire rope in solid wood
Medium design, mounted in the supports of a carport.
Wire rope system / steel rope
Growth installation of wood with metal covering (ropes in average construction)
Mixed growth support system made if metal and wood
Clematis on wire ropes in timber
Timber framed house with clematis on wire trellis
Cross holder WH 10151 in Tudor style, vine
Growth support system on wooden framework
Easy construction, mounting the 'end-grain,' end face of beam.
Stainless steel wire ropes on rafters
The simple design is also suitable for greening the post of a stilt house playhouse.
Planting greenery on a stilt house
Swing as grow system: Here Clematis growing on a wire easy construction.
Growing aid for clematis