Mounting Trellis Systems into Solid Wood Walls

Here we'll discuss how to mount trellis systems into solid wood-- the fourth in our group of wall types. Good news! Attaching trellises made of wood or cable in solid wood thicker than 8 cm is usually quite easy and straightforward. Here you can learn more about this type of wall and which individual trellis designs from FassadenGrün are compatible. You can see examples of carports, balcony supports, timber framing/trusses, pergolas and posts (and other vertical supports). Attention: smaller wood cross-sections are discussed under special facade​​​​​​​s.

Mounting Trellises

Usually you are dealing with soft woods or coniferous woods, each with or without impregnation or varnish. Trusses of half timbered buildings or posts of freestanding trellis systems may also be made of hardwoods such as oak, robinia (black locust), or tropical wood. The attachment method differs depending on whether you will mount the cable system 'as usual' in the long sides of the timber or rather into the less load-bearing, less viable end timber ('end grain' / 'head grain'). This latter variant should really be the exception, because the timber elements used in construction can often be heavily cracked, which limits the load-bearing capacity, especially when fastening into end-grain. Drilling into intersecting timbers (beams) or other junction areas should also be avoided, especially if you are in doubt about the integrity of the wood.


Easy Construction Style (and Kits)

The standard kits in our Easy style are always applicable with solid wood, and can possibly also be used directly- that is, without rawl plugs. All wall eyelets with wood thread, as well as all elements for hammering in (staples nails, etc..) are suitable for trellis mounting.


Light Construction Style (and Kits)

The standard light kits are ideal for mounting into wood. A metric thread is sufficient (a wood thread is not required). If in doubt, first drill to a shallow depth (4-5 mm) and try mounting (without a rawl plug). If this is not successful, drill wider and use a rawl plug.

Medium Construction Style (and Kits)

Our Medium Kits -- Classic, Eco, and Premium version -- can all be used, with or without the rawl plugs provided (as described above for light kits).

Heavy Construction Style (and Kits)

With our Heavy style, we recommend using the mount WM 12161 (as a variant to the standard mount) and mounting directly into the wood without chemical mortar / sieve sleeves (perforated plugs).

Massive Construction

Massive kits with the standard WM 12153 can be used without restriction on wood with a minimum thickness of 10-12 cm.

Drilling into Solid Wood

Trellis mounts from FassadenGrün can usually not be directly screwed into the timber, but each must be screwed or nailed into a pre-drilled hole. The diameter of the hole (drill diameter) is determined by the thread core (diameter): For softwood, the drilled hole should be relatively fine; in hard wood a little wider. Our drill bit cassette UB 77777 has all the standard-sized bits with which our easy, light, and medium wire rope systems can be mounted. Please use refer to our guidelines on drilling as needed.