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Variation 08 – Adherence into the Load-Bearing Structure

The last from eight variations to fasten growing technology aids on special facades comes a special case with which a curtain type (off-wall) facade break through, (almost) free of touch and the fixtures are anchored only in the weight-bearing substructure. This is possible with a special cross holder that is fastened in the structure, you can find out details further below.

Range of application

This variation often remains the only solution if shingles or sheet metal forms the outside layer, but also with thin skin / substructure in connection with raised load or for bridging of insulation. It is the sensible variation 08. The connection occurs here in the internal structure, e.g., in the strong props of dammed up wooden stand-constructions, in purlins or statically relevant squared timbers (joists) behind the outside layer. The outer layer is penetrated without contact, only a soft sliding seal made of foam material touches. Thus, even under elastic deflection of the support (under load), there is no tension or deformation in the outer skin.


The solution entails an increased installation effort if the load-bearing structure consists of individual wooden supports or the like, since their position must be known or first explored. In case of doubt, each drill point should be provided with four oblique test holes (left, right, top and bottom) of smaller diameter so that the center of the supports under the formwork and not a sensitive edge area have been detected.

Please also note that penetration of a possible wind seal / steam barrier / PE film must be avoided and is inadmissible.

Appropriate wall bracket and anchors

Often specially planned, metal plates or blade like contraptions are preassembled for growth ropes before mounting, (see photo). For any future installation, especially at small-scale coverings, the cross mount WM 12XX2 should be used. It is installed as with the 'long shaft' insulation solution or - with a cavity of more than 4 cm cavity - 'cone', comparable to version 06. You will find detailed information on the installation of the cross-holders following the links.

WM 12XX2 on a slate-clad carport, wisteria
Greening with climbing aid wire rope
WM 12XX2 on a shingled facade, small kiwi
cladding/covering with shingles
Slip formwork with WM 12XX2, apricot tree
Green weatherboarding
WM 12XX2 on a zinc-covered garage, grape vine
wall made of zinc slabs with creeper
Curtain facade of ceramic plates, evergreen honeysuckle
Curtain wall with greenery
Off-wall hanging, rear-ventilated facade, detail to the photo above. The tendon ropes are attached to special, cantilevered blue-metal blades.
Multi-layered and closed, rear-ventilated facade system
WM 12XX2 on plastered wall plates, scarlet firethorn
Plastered wall panels