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Plastered masonry

Here we examine plastered masonry as the third group of wall types, in relation to installing Fassadengrün trellis kits, almost all of which are compatible with this surface, however, there may be some limitations with our Easy and Light kits. With different stones and also with special, thick plaster work, follow our directions provided. All drill bits from our assortment are appropriate.

Dowel in an old plastered wall


Problems with plaster layers

Half timbered masonry

Ancient masonry

Stone, clay and wood

Plastered brick wall

Full brick / solid brick

'Buildings' until about 1930

Hollow bricks like autoclaved aerated concrete

Hollow Brick

New buildings from 1930

bare brickwork made of autoclaved aerated concrete

Aerated Concrete

'gas concrete', 'Ytong' etc.

Historic building with decorative plaster

Special Plasters

Struct. and insulating plasters