Counter-Pressure Bolt Set: Nut, Washer, Seal

Product Sheet

Description / Prices

Bolt 'counter-pressure' sets for push-through installation or for replacing cross-mount parts, or for DIY construction of cross mounts. Five versions:

  • GG 06002: for M6 / cable 2 mm, for a mount like WM 06093. Stainless steel A2 (1.4301) >>> Price

  • GG 08002: for M8 / cable 2 - 3 mm, for a mount like WM 08133. Stainless steel A2 (1.4301) >>> Price

  • GG 08004: for M8 / cable 2-3 mm, for a mount like WM 08133. Stainless steel A4 (1.4401) >>> Price

  • GG 10002: for M10 / cable 2-3 mm, for a mount like WM 10101. Stainless steel A2 >>> Price

  • GG 12002: for M12 / cable 2-4 mm, for holder like WM 12191. Stainless steel A2 (1.4301) >>> Price


Special Features

These bolt sets include several parts which correspond to the component parts that come with the assigned cross-mounts; see above. An exception is GG 08002, which contains a simple washer and seal for cost reasons. Bolt sets are also suitable for do-it-yourself construction of cross-mounts.



Stainless steel nuts, spring washers, and seals (flat washers): made in Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia)