Screw Eye 6 mm with Collar, WH 06061

Product sheet

Description / Price

Screw eye made of stainless steel with eye and support disc, forged, with wood thread 6 mm. shaft strength approx. 5.5 mm, shaft length 60 mm. Polished. Super functional and looks great (glossy backing plate/collar). >>>Price



As end and inter-support (end and intermediate holder) for Easy Kits. For cable diameters up to 2 mm, in exceptional cases also to 3 mm. Wall distance about 2 cm. The distance from eye screw to eye screw shouldn't exceed 1.5 m, if possible. For light climbing lines with direct fastening into insulation. Installation into concrete and exposed masonry-- with plug (dowel) DH 08050; otherwise better with DH 10065 (same link as DH 08050). Good load-bearing capacity due to the support plate. Close the drill hole and use protection against penetrating water, if necessary, with additional sealing ring (please inquire). Please also refer to the information provided on the selection of suitable eyebolts. 



If necessary, please see our instructions on drilling work! For wood, it is essential to pilot drill: drilling diameter 4.0-4.5 mm (softwood) or 5.0-5.5 mm (hardwood). Grease the shaft, insert the eye screw into the pre-drilled hole or into its chosen means of a plug (dowel)... screw in and position using a mandrel or screwdriver inserted transversely through the eye. 


Special Features

If the eye screw with plastic plug is used for masonry, you will also receive a neoprene seal free of cost. Please enter this request in the ordering form of the online shop at "checkout" in the field "comments." No seal, however, is required for adhesion into masonry.



Production based on designs from the Far East