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Eyebolt M8, WM 08080

Eye Bolt 8/80 mm, (M8) WM 08080

Product Sheet

Description /Price

Stainless steel eyebolt with welded eye and large support plate (collar), counter-thrust washer, spring washer and locking nut, metric thread M8. >>> Price



As an end and intermediate holder for cable and wire for through-hole mounting in wooden slats, planks, poles and similar detached components or thin-wall elements... wherever other wall mounts with wood threads cannot be used due to low material strengths. For cable diameters up to 3 mm, in exceptional cases up to 4 mm. With cable system 0040 (i.e. in concrete, masonry, etc.), the element is bonded/glued with composite mortar; then the rear parts are not mounted. With hollow wall plugs/anchors (cavity dowels) HD 08050, the element can be used for wooden framework (wood siding, etc..) with a brass plug (dowel) also in solid wood. Wall distance about 1.5-2.0 cm. Please also refer to the information provided to select appropriate eyebolts.


Recommended Tool

Universal drill UB 77777, especially the 8 and 10 mm drill.



If necessary, please refer to the instructions we've provided on drilling work! Make a through-hole > 8 mm, insert eyebolt without other parts. Screw together the other elements (washer, lock washer, nut) on the other side of the surface. Drill 10 or 12 mm holes in masonry, mill a slight 'undercut' (conical expansion of the hole), then brush, blow it out, and glue the element.


Special Features

The eyebolt is available for larger cross-sections for an extra charge as version XX 10100 with 10 mm of shaft and 100 mm of shaft length. Alternatively, the element WM 06030 is available for assembly in smaller material cross-sections. 



Production based on designs from the Far East

Eye bolt 8/80 mm of a balcony parapet
The same element at the base of a wire-cable fan at an empty-standing growing framework from Robinien wood
mounted eyelet bolt
XX 10100 for awning
Eyelet bolt for awning