Exposed Masonry

Almost all the standard kits at FassadenGrün are compatible with unplastered or 'exposed' masonry. With this type of wall, the individual bricks are visible-- not plastered or roughcast.Here you can find general information on the various bricks and masonry techniques.

Mortar Joints

Mounting in the joints of bricks or stones


Facade bricks up to 1870                        

Clinker/Dutch Brick

Clinker bricks from 1870 onward                                   

Double Leaf Masonry (Cavity Walls)

Outer non-stabilising wall of brick, clinker, or other stone         

Brick Veneer

Brick slips, tiles, and other flat siding 

Calcium Silicate Bricks

Sand lime brick walls                   

Rubble Masonry

Natural quarry stones set with mortar             

Dry Stone Masonry

Natural stones set without mortar          


Stones in wire enclosures