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Heavy Duty Toggle Fixing M10, KD 10080

Heavy Duty Toggle Fixing M10, KD 10080

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Toggle fixing ('toggles' / toggle bolts) made of galvanised steel, thread M10. Approved for heavy-duty anchoring, breaking load 12 KN (approx. 1, 200 kg). Required cavity depth: at least 80 mm. Suitable for all common plate and layer thicknesses. We supply an M10 threaded shaft, washer, nut, and gasket.  >>> Price



For special fastenings, also for anchoring behind trapezoidal metal sheets. Please refer as needed to our  general information on rawl plug/ anchor technology.



The photos show a special fastening of M10 threaded rods made of stainless steel with supporting body in insulation. Before ordering the toggle fixing/anchor, the grid dimensions (spacing) of the inner main supports should be known (usually 0.7 to 1.0 meters). An ideal attachment takes place in areas about 10-25 cm away from the axis of the vertical supports. In the middle between two supports, however, wall panels are more susceptible to bending loads (may bend/bow as a result). All attachment-points for toggle bolts should be planned and marked accordingly-- close to the supports.



Made in Germany (Baden-Württemberg)

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