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Wood-Trellis Fitting M10 "Classic-U," AS 10150

[Translate to Englisch:] Spalierhalter aus Edelstahl in klasssicher U-Form für Holzspaliere


Description / Price

Stainless steel trellis mount: U-shaped sheet metal 20 mm wide, countersunk wood screw to fix the trellis lath, flat nut as lock nut, shaft M10 / wood H9, 150 mm long, with flange nut, special support washer d = 32 / 8.9 mm, sealing washer, and long plug (dowel). The U-head is also available separately.

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This holder combines the classic form of trellis fastening with modern design, corrosion resistance and sealing. For medium loads, i.e. for vines, climbing roses and also wall fruit. Timbers up to 30 mm wide can be fastened, the cross-section of the spar is not weakened by drilling. With wall distance / gap of approx. 50 mm (80 mm with combination of AS 10180 and AS 03020). The actual wall distance is calculated from the wall gap and the sum of the screwed-on cross-sections and can then be up to 90 mm for batten thicknesses of approx. 27/27 mm. For almost all substrates and wall types: concrete, natural stone, solid masonry, hollow masonry (then with long plug/dowel DL 12090), in solid wood without plug/dowel; with panel (prefab) building materials only if the total panel thickness is at least 35 - 40 mm.

With wide trellises, place trellis holders at intervals of about 0.8 to 1.2 m (depending on the thickness of the timber crossbeam). Please also refer to our general info for tips on optimal trellis fastening.


Recommended Tools

For precisely fitting plug/dowel holes (Ø 12 mm), use hammer drill bit HB 44444. Alternatively: concrete drill bits, inexpensive masonry drill bits or universal drill bits; selection also depends on wall type.


Installation with or without DL 12090 (long plug / parallel expansion fitting)

Please refer as needed to the sequence for planning and assembling wooden trellises! Drill according to the instruction sheet provided. Installation usually done with long dowel DL 12090; grease shaft slightly. Drill hole Ø 12 mm, approx. 10 cm deep.With panel building materials use plug (dowel) DH 12075; in solid wood without plug (pre-drill Ø approx. 8 mm, front Ø 9 mm). For optimum sealing, the substrate should be reasonably level or prepared (sanded). Grip the wall mount with a 15 mm open-end wrench on the flange nut and screw it in until it cannot be turned any further with moderate hand force. Then loosen lock nut (flat nut) position the U-shaped head and counter-rotate (lock again). Finally, place the wooden trellis beam in the U-head, pre-drill a little from below and fix it with the countersunk screw provided.


Special Features

The mount must sit tightly and not "wander" out of the hole when the flange nut is tightened; if the mount is loose when affixed to the facade, the hole was too large or the load-bearing substrate too brittle (e.g. due to drilling in wall joint instead of stone). In this case, unscrew the mount, drill out the hole, and with VM 00300 composite mortar, reinsert the mount. With hollow masonry, use additional sieve sleeve extra long SD 16130.



FassadenGrün's own production (made in Germany): head from North Rhine-Westphalia, shaft from Lower Saxony or Far East, support washer from North Rhine-Westphalia, seal from Thuringia, small imported parts.

Wood trellis holder with metal bracket
Wood trellis holder with metal bracket
[Translate to Englisch:] Halterung aus Edelstahl
[Translate to Englisch:] Spalierhalter für Spaliere aus Holz