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Wooden Trellises: Special Shapes

In this section and its subpages, you will find photos of wooden trellis systems with other than the classical vertical lathing. These are mainly: the checkered patterns (square grids), the 'ladder trellis' (dominant horizontal rungs) and fan shapes. Artistic "treillages" and other particularly unusual forms will also be mentioned.

Trellis grid on an old farmstead
Trellis grid on an old farmstead
Checker-formed trellis

Square Grid Trellises

Chequer-board pattern

Ladder Trellises

Ladder Trellis

Horizontal 'rungs'

Fan-formed trellis

Fan Trellises

Wood-lathed fan-shapes

Scissor shaped trellis

Diamond Trellises

Diagonal grids



Artistic Trellises 

Extravagant trellis

Other Designs

Extravagant and unusual shapes