Wood-Trellis Fitting M10 "Short," AS 10100

Product Sheet

Description /Price

Stainless steel anchor bolt with two flat hex nuts and spring washers for fastening cross bars on both sides. Counter nut, spring washer, special support plate d=9.8 mm, seal and brass dowel DM 10030. Diameter M10, shaft length 100 mm.

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For fixing commercially available wooden trellis on thin-walled concrete garages. Especially for crossbars of classic wooden trellis in the low to medium load range. With wall distance (gap) of approx. 30 mm. The actual wall distance is calculated from the wall gap and the sum of the screwed-on cross-sections and can then be up to 70 mm at batten thicknesses of approx. 27/27 mm.

Especially for more heavily loaded trellises as in wall fruit, possibly also grape vines and climbing roses. In the case of wide trellises, place a bolt anchor at a distance of 0.8 to 1.2 m (depending on the thickness and deflection of the wood cross-section) in the spar. The material width of the wood parts to be fastened should be at least 27-30 mm due to the required through hole of 10 mm in order not to weaken the cross section too much. Please also use the tips for optimal trellis attachment.


Recommended Tools

For custom-fit dowel holes (10 mm) hammer drill bit HB 44444. Alternatively impact drill bits, concrete drill bits, inexpensive stone drill bits or universal drill bits. If many wall anchors are mounted, we recommend a “screwdriver for hanger bolts”.



If necessary, please observe the sequence of steps for planning and executing wood trellises! Drilling work according to leaflet. The wooden parts to be fastened receive through holes of 10 - 11 mm at the respective fixing points. For optimum sealing, the substrate should be reasonably level or prepared (sanded). Drilling depth approx. 3.5 cm with diameter 12mm. The outer flat nuts and spring washers are unscrewed, then temporarily only the two flat nuts are screwed onto the shaft and countered hard against each other. The brass dowel is then placed flush with the outer wall of the prefabricated garage, please also use its product sheet. Once the bolt anchor and the dowel have been pushed in, grasp the outermost flat nut with a high-quality, chrome-vanadium steel (see Corrosion) open-end wrench, and screw in. Subsequently, the adjusting nut is braced together with support disk, etc. at medium manual force against the wall, the two outer flat nuts are released again. Now the trellis bar can be attached.



"Made in Germany", shaft from Saxony-Anhalt, hex nuts form Far East