Wood-Trellis Fitting M12 for Rigid Insulation, AS 12XX6

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Description / Price

Wall anchor made of stainless steel, of different length for walls with exterior insulation, with two nuts and spring washers for a double-side fastening of the bar, thread shank M 12, flange nut and third thin nut as well as covering plate 85/2.5 mm along with large and small press ring made of neoprene (as force-fitted bonding course towards the wall - shear-resistant compound structure). Laminated sealing ring made of special foam for the drill hole, also for uneven and more structured substratums, as well as protection from driving rain. Thermal bridge reduction through adhesive mounting, expansion-free anchorage. Hard foam bodies are not part of the thread anchors and therefore not included in the delivery.>>> Price



For permanent corrosion-free wall fastening of customary wooden espaliers and especially for bars of classical wooden espaliers (at least 27 - 30 mm thickness) on walls with insulation. Please us the general tips for the espalier fastening and the mounting into insulation, especially in the case of hard segments.

The applicability of the wall anchor is to estimate autonomously, in any case; further information on product liability is found in the general business terms. The wall spacing (gap) is adjustable from about 3 to 6 cm. The actual wall spacing arises from the wall gap and the amount of the unscrewed cross sections. In the case of a battening 27/27 mm, it may account for up to 12 cm.

For adhesive mounting only. Particularly for walls with partially implemented hard foam segments in "soft" insulation (styrofoam and mineral rock wool). These compression elements come from other providers, they can be rectangular or round as mounting cylinders.  Because of their increased compressive strength, bodies with integrated aluminium-board are quite interesting. Also usable for walls with exterior, continous pressure-resisting insulation, like PUR-hard foam, cellular glass, or cork. Behind the insulation course, a load-bearing substratum such as concrete, natural stone, solid masonry, hollow masonry, or autoclaved aerated concrete is necessary. In the case of espaliers with a spacing of about 0.6 to 1.2 m (depending on the thickness and bending of the wood cross section as well as the loadability of the espalier), place a thread anchor into the bar, respectively.


Available Sizes

Insulation thickness

3 cm Wall spacing

6 cm Wall spacing

6 cm

AS 12246

AS 12276

8 cm

AS 12266

AS 12296

10 cm

AS 12286

AS 12316

12 cm

AS 12306

AS 12336

14 cm

AS 12326

AS 12356

15/16 cm

AS 12346

AS 12376

18 cm

AS 12366

AS 12396

20 cm

AS 12386

AS 12416

22 cm

AS 12406

AS 12436

Notification for customers in the online store: X-labels in the item number imply variable choices. The 3rd and 4th numbers signify the total shank length of the suiting thread anchor in cm. This length depends on the insulation thickness. A skim coat of common thickness and the adhesive layer are already considered. Please use the chart for the determination of the variable X-labels and state the chosen item number in the second part of the ordering process in the field "comments". If no declaration is made, FassadenGrün will contact you for further details.


Recommended Tools

We recommend the Hammer drill bit HB 16310. For over 10 cm thick insulation better HB 16450. Alternatively, the drill bit SB 16400 for up to 16 cm thick insulation is an option.



Adherence with component mortar. In order to keep this product sheet simple, there is a separate site on mounting where you will find further details. In the end, the respective espalier bar is mounted between both spring washers and nuts.



Due to the design, an "open joint" remains between the cover plate and the wall of approx. 0.5 mm gap width. At high loads such as fruit hanging, cold tension, etc., it may lead to elastic bending of the holder head of about 1 - 4 mm, with load reduction, the head goes back into position.



"Made in Germany": Cover Plate from Saxony, bolt from Saxony-Anhalt, small parts from the Far East