Wood-Trellis Fitting "Mini," AS 06120

Product Sheet


Countersunk head screw 6/120mm of stainless steel with partial thread, torx head and anti-friction coating, four flat washers and bolt nut, all stainless steel, plastic collard plugs DH 10065. >>> Price



For permanent, corrosion-free wall fastening of customary wooden trellises and especially for crossbars of classic trellises. With a small wall spacing (gap) of about 10mm. The actual wall spacing arises from the wall gap and the length of the trellis holder left outside the wall. In the case of the 25/25mm slats, it accounts for about 60mm. Appropriate for plastered and non-plastered masonry of all types. 

Suitable for medium load bearing trellises supporting vines, clematis, climbing roses etc. In the case of securing large trellises, a universal anchor should be installed ever 0.6 to 1.0m. For heavy load bearing trellises holding fruits, Chinese wisteria and other hefty climbers, the anchor bolt AS 12XX0 should be used. Please use the general information of trellis fittings, if necessary.


Recommended Tools

For custom-fit dowel holes (10mm)  we recommend the hammer drill HB 44444. Alternatives include impact drills, concrete drills, inexpensive stone drills or universal drills, selection also depends on the wall type.



Please note the example and details of the planning and installation of wooden espaliers, if necessary. The elements to be fastened require a through-hole of > 6mm at the respective fastening points, and a sagging of 90 degrees for the countersunk head of the universal anchor, at the outside. The wall must be drilled corresponding to the plug DH 10065, with a cross section of 10mm. 

The screw is first plugged through the trellis beam, then the spacer elements (flat washers and bolt nut) are placed upon it - it is not always necessary to use all five elements, in the case of uneven wall surfaces for example. If less spacer elements are needed, other screws should used. The screws should be tightened with a TX-bit.



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