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Impressions - Wooden Trellises

Below are images of various wooden trellises, most of them the classic wooden trellis of Germany (i.e. with vertical rather than diagonal lattice structure). There are two main categories of trellises depicted here: 1) typical espalier trellises from the wine-growing regions of the Upper Elbe Valley which were used for trellising vines against walls and facades. They are maintained in the traditional way, the rich grape harves being used for winemaking.  2) The wooden espaliers on house walls outside the wine-growing areas, which are generally disappearing (or are in various states of decay) and can at most create a bit of melancholy charm. But-- there are still enthusiasts who restore or refit wooden espaliers such as these. They help preserve a bit of one’s sense of home!

Wooden trellis for climbing roses and other plants, garden-city Marienbrunn, Leipzig / Saxony
Wooden trellis for climbing roses and other plants, garden-city Marienbrunn, Leipzig / Saxony

Photo Gallery

A variety of wooden trellises as described above...

Historical grapevine trellis, Dresden / Saxony
Trellises for different climbing plants, Graupa / Saxony
Old espalier with the grapevine "Blue Trollinger" greening the facade, Dresden / Saxony
The same trellis with the same grapevines after renovation of the façade
Bautzen / Saxony, rose espalier on an old fisher house from circa 1600, also called “the witch’s cottage”
Modern trellis with Virginia creeper, children's hospice Markkleeberg / Saxony
Facade greening with climbing plants (grapevine) on a wooden trellis, old smithy in Gorsleben / Thuringia
Wooden trellis as a special form with few laths, grapevine, Meißen / Saxony
Wooden espalier in Röda / Muldental / Saxony
Simple corner espaliers, grapevine in late autumn on garden house of old cemetery, Jena / Thuringia
Fruit espalier (flowering pear) with a very thick trunk, Kohren-Sahlis / Saxony
Very old wooden espalier for grapevines, Radebeul / Saxony
Old grapevine espalier made of wood, Obertreba / Thuringia