Wood-Trellis Fitting M12 with Support (Spacer) Body / for ETICS, AS 12XX8

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Description / Price

Group of wall anchors made of stainless steel, of different length for walls with exterior insulation, with two nuts and spring washers for a double-side fastening of the bar, thread shank M 12, with polished covering plate, seal made of weatherproof foam, spacer plates (plastic) and spacer bodies of hardwood (Robinia wood, naturally impregnated, fungus- and insect resistant). Thermal bridge reduction through adhesive mounting, expansion-free anchorage. Similar to the structure of the bolt anchor AS 10180. For insulation thicknesses up to 6 cm, use  AS 12XX2, if necessary. >>> Price



For permanent corrosion-free wall fastening of customary wooden espaliers and especially for bars of classical wooden espaliers (at least 27 - 30 mm thickness) on walls with insulation. Please us the general tips for the espalier fastening and the mounting into insualtion. The applicability of the wall anchor is to estimate autonomously, in any case; further information on product liability is found in the general business terms. The wall spacing (gap) is adjustable from about 3 to 6 cm. The actual wall spacing arises from the wall gap and the amount of the unscrewed cross sections. In the case of a battening 27/27 mm, it may account for up to 12 cm. 

In the case of broader espaliers with a spacing of about 0.6 to 1.2 m (depending on the thickness and bending of the wood cross section as well as the loadability of the espalier), place a wall anchor into the bar, respectively.


Available sizes

Insulation Thickness

3 cm Wall Spacing

6 cm Wall Spacing

6 cm

AS 12248

AS 12278

8 cm

AS 12268

AS 12298

10 cm

AS 12288

AS 12318

12 cm

AS 12308

AS 12338

Notification for customers in the online store: X-labels in the item number imply variable choices. The 3rd and 4th numbers signify the total shank length of the suiting wall anchor in cm. This length depends on the insulation thickness. A skim coat of common thickness and the adhesive layer are already considered. Please use the chart for the determination of the variable X-labels and state the chosen item number in the second part of the ordering process in the field "comments". If no declaration is made, FassadenGrün will contact you for further details.


Recommended Tools

We recommend our cylinder saw ZS 06060 for milling out the insulation and for the centering hole in the load-bearing base. For the hole in the supporting base, we recommend the hammer drill bit HB 16310, HB 16450 for insulation thicknesses over 10 cm. Alternatively, the impact drill SB 16400 can be used for up to 16 cm thickness.



Either after outer Insulation has already been used, or prior to the application of the insulating course, if necessary. Always adherence with component mortar, details thereto in the mounting section, in case of doubt check the installation portal. At last, the respective espalier bar is mounted between both spring washers and nuts.



"Made in Germany", hex nuts from Far East.