Self-Tapping Screws, HS 04550 / HS 05060

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Description / Price
Stainless steel countersunk screws with double-end bit (drillbit), with anti-friction coating, torx-drive. On the picture there is only the small tapping screw HS 04550, slightly enlarged. Available in two sizes:

HS 04550 cross section 4.5 mm, length 50 mm) for a battening with a cross section of about 25 mm - Price
HS 05060
cross section 5.0 mm, length 60 mm) for a battening with a cross section of about 30 mm - Price
For a time-saving linking of wooden parts on espaliers, particularly for screwing on the vertical battening on horizontal bars of classical wooden espaliers, for softwood and hardwood. The reduction of the step "pre-drilling" leads to time saving during the mounting process. Please use the general information on trellis fastening as well.
Please note the examples and details of the planning and realisation of wooden espaliers, if necessary! A through-hole needs to be placed into the structural element to be fastened, of about 5-6 mm, in the case of hardwood with a sagging (in the case of softwood, the screw head screws itself in), if necessary. Afterwards, the tapping screw is plugged, the structural element is held against the crossbar and the screw is screwed in firmly with the help of a cordless screwdriver and TX 20/25 bit, without pre-drilling the substratum. Due to the milling grooves on the conical head part, the tapping screw shapes a sapping by itself and vanishes succinctly in the upper espalier wood.
In the case of hardwood, the tapping screw often does not manage the drilling and screwing in completely, at the first onset. Because of that it is necessary to drill the screw at a slow speed for a while and screw it in for about 10 mm afterwards while working jerkily, if necessary. After that, set the driver on reverse and screw the screw backwards while increasing the torque slowly so that the screw is not jerkily loosened abrading the head. That way, the drilling dust is transported out of the drilling hole. At last, the screw can be screwed all the way in.
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