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Wood Trellis U-Bracket, AS 03020

[Translate to Englisch:] Gebogenes Blechteil aus Edelstahl zur Aufnahme von Spalierhölzern

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Bracket (head component) of our trellis fitting AS 10150. 3 mm thick stainless steel holder (U-bracket), 20 mm wide. Comes with countersunk screw to fix bracket to lath (wooden slat) and with flat nut as lock nut. >>> Price


For do-it-yourself construction of trellis mounts. An M10 shaft can accomodate timber up to 30 mm wide; with an M8 shaft: only up to 26 mm wide. All FassadenGrün trellis mounts with M8 or M10 thread can be combined with AS 03020! Please also refer to our tips / info on optimal trellis mounting.



With an M10 thread, the bracket head is mounted the same way as AS 10150. With an M8 thread, the bracket head is clamped between two flat nuts. The second flat nut is added free of charge upon written request when ordering (just let us know in the comments at checkout).



Sheet metal U-bracket: Made in Germany / North Rhine-Westphalia; small parts from Far East

[Translate to Englisch:] Kombination von AS 03020 mit AS 10180