Facade Anchor M12 for Insulation, WM 12XX8

Product sheet

Description / Price

Facade anchor or 'Cross holder' for walls with external insulation, made of stainless steel, threaded shaft M12, cross head d=20 mm cover plate polished, grub screw, nut, spring washer, and seal made of weatherproof foam shims (plastic) distance body (hardwood: Robinia wood, impregnated of course, fungal - and insect-resistant). Warmth bridge reduction by glueing assembly, spreading pressure free anchorage. WM 12308 is shown for insulation 10 cm. The head is also available separately. >>> Price



For wire-cable 3 and 4 mm at insulation/ETICS on almost all substrates. For medium and heavy kits in accordance with the specifications of the respective cable system (if purchased as pre-assembled kits). Simple or crosswise cable guidance. Wall distance adjustable, recommended 6 cm, at most 7 cm (at 14 cm of insulation: 5 cm).With insulating strengths of more than 8 cms of reduced load admission, if necessary, then choose a thicker arrangement and only with wire cover 3 mms (instead of 4 mms). The suitability of the facade anchor is to be estimated, in any case, independently. For info about the product liability see GTC. Please, use if necessary, the info for the choice of suitable cross holders.


Available sizes

Strength of the insulation

for wire-cable diameters

Distance - Wall to Cable

Item number

4 cm

4 (3) mm

6 - 7 cm

WM 12248

6 cm

4 (3) mm

6 - 7 cm

WM 12268

8 cm

4 (3) mm

6 - 7 cm

WM 12288

10 cm

3 (4) mm

6 - 7 cm

WM 12308

12 cm

3 mm

6 - 7 cm

WM 12328

14 cm

3 mm

5 cm

WM 12338

Note for customer in the online shop: X signals in the item number mean variable choices. The 3rd and 4th number stands for the complete skirt length of the fitting facade anchor in cm. This length is dependent on the insulation thickness\ strength. A final coat of conventional strength and the adhesive layer are already taken into account. Please use the selection table for determining the variable X locations and enter the selected item number in Part 2 of the order process in the field 'comments' to. If there is no indication FassadenGrün will contact you about setting the details.



Additional with already used insulation, if necessary also before applying the insulation layer. Always bond with mortar. You can see all the details, at installation, in case of doubt visit the mounting portal with lots of important information on assembling our products in general.



"Made in Germany" (Saxony), hexagon nuts from the Far East.