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Support (Mortar) Cone in EWIS

Supporting cone (red) in the EWIS

This page belongs to the 'insulation' and shows another alternative solution for attaching growth systems. This is an improvement to the principle 'Longer shaft'. The thicker the insulation, the longer the wall bracket must be. Accordingly stronger, they are subjected to bending. An additional way to increase the bending resistance of the element continues to exist in the formation of a 'supporting cone' in pierced EWIS. Also insulation can be bridged up to 12 cm thick.

Endurance and Price

Still in this variant are wall distances of 3 to a maximum of 5 cm. Use only 3 mm ropes, but these are then only mediocre resilient. Strong climbers like Wisteria, Knotweed and Celastrus are not really recommended. The price is based on the an adequate 'Heavy kit VM', depending on the thickness of the EWIS, but for each wall bracket , circa 3 - 10 euros for the additional composite mortar (supporting cone) to be included.

Suitable Wall Bracket

The cross holder is used for wire ropes WM 12XX4 and wooden trellises of similarly built bolt- AS 12XX4.  The supporting cone is formed with additional composite mortar ('adhesive anchor').

Assembly and Maintenance

Work on the insulation system is still substantially lower than in the standard version with support bodies. The plane passing through the insulation drill hole is reamed conically rearward with normal masonry drill bits. Then even the milled cavity in the insulation layer is filled to about 2/3 -3/4 with composite mortar to coincide with the actual bored hole. Subsequently, the threaded shaft is inserted in rotation and positioned by displaced mortar filling up the rest of the cavity. After setting, the bearing wall supporting body of mortar mass has formed.

The plants are cut so that does not become too dense foliage rolls and that no branch limbs grows back to the wall and possibly scratches the plaster.

Greening an EWIS with vine, rope system similar to 5050 with cross holders WM 12262 cm for 10 insulation and 5 cm distance from wall
Greening up external insulated walls
Vine under development, fixing into the EWIS photo left
Fastening into ETICS, grapevine
Thicket Creeper at 10 cm EWIS, cable system 5050 with cross holders WM 12XX2 and adhesive anchors (composite mortar)
Glueing dowel for fastening trellis technique into ETICS
Climbing roses, 3 mm rope to cross holders WM 12302, 12 cm insulation and 5 cm wall distance. The short cross ropes are slack inserted analogous to system 5060
Greenery on ETICS