Long Shaft (alternative solution)

This page belongs to the 'insulation' and shows an alternative solution for attaching wall greening systems. An inexpensive variant for external insulation to 6 cm thickness are the strong (12 mm!) Wall mount with longer shafts, which sit in the supporting base, pierce the insulation and before the wall, thanks to their material thickness, do not have sufficient flexural strength. A pore sealing completes the drilled hole, the low thermal conductivity layer of composite mortar reduces the thermal bridge.

Endurance and Price

Due to the run through the insulation - and calculated from the rear supporting wall at  large, projecting stem-  only small wall spacing of 3 cm are possible against the wall. The covering only 3 mm are suitable for cables, they are then only low to medium loads.  Heavy climbing plants such as wisteria, knotweed and tree Shrike are eliminated to plant.  The price is always a suitable 'heavy Kit VM' or is even slightly lower.

Suitable Wall Bracket

For cables of cross mount WM 12XX2 is used and for wood trellises of similarly constructed wedge anchor AS 12XX2.

Assembly and Maintenance

Due to the relatively small bore diameter of the engagement in the external insulation is rather small and can be carried out well by DIY enthusiasts. The plants are cut so that there does not become too dense foliage rolls and that no branch stubs come back to the wall and possibly scratch the plaster.