Wire Rope System 0050

For a free-standing row of vines. This is a kit for building a small, free-standing wire frame, removable, reusable. See our section on wire frameworks for more information and further possibilites. Basic form for 2 posts (another kit has been designed for 3 posts or supports. Kits with more posts should be put together yourself). For very small and simple tension-rope frames, stainless steel wire is sufficient. You can order additional parts to extend the row. Note: wooden posts and ground spikes are not included.

Order as a kit: Parts list, information and assembly tips


For 2 polesFor 3 poles
84.80 €114.80 €   

Dimensions: distance of posts of kit for 2 poles approximately 3.3 meters (with more wire rope up to 3.5 m), at kit for 3 posts up to 7.0 m. In larger systems, more intermediate stakes are to be put approx. 3 m apart. Poles should stand up approx. 1.70 m above ground level in higher plants (careful, wind pressure!) a double bracing is necessary at the ends, and then 2 ground anchors offset are used to the long axis to form a triangle of tension. Distance of the cross cables: approx. 25-30 cm (vines), up to 35 cm (Espalier fruit, blackberries). 5 cross cables are possible with more material.


Installation: Stakes set, see in addition: 'wire framework'. The further assembly takes place as shown on the diagrams. Drillings for cable feed-through approx. 4 - 7 mm in diameter. Height of the lowest wire over ground approx. 0.5 - 0.7 M. The round rings serve as links between ground anchors and turnbuckle M8. In a kit for 3 posts the horizontal ropes are threaded through the middle intermediate pole and fixed (photo) each with 2 clamp rings onto the post to stabilize. For more posts, mounting is similar. Please, also observe the installation tips (see above).


Shoot guidance: See graphics. Mostly vineyard-guidance shown (R 01). In wire frame with more than 1.5 length of several vines (R 02). Even short-horizontal cordons are possible, one side angled , or bent double, so 'forked (R 03).


Remarks: As in the kits shown, 2 different cable diameters are used. The 3 mm cable for the horizontal wires of the field is easier to pull tightly with less power .With the 4mm wire, there is even less tension in the system, right and left (anchors) can be initiated even better into the ground . 4 x 4 mm cable, however, can not be optimally loosened.

Grapevine training with system 0050