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Pro - Cylinder Saw 60/60 mm, ZS 06060

Pro - Cylinder Saw 60/60 mm

Product Sheet

Description / Price / Rental Price

Drill head with carbide cutting edges, centering drill and hexagonal chuck (not for SDS-Quick chuck and similar), drill diameter 60 mm.



As a cutting head for making clean holes in (reinforced) finish coats (plaster) of thermal insulation systems, for mounting wall brackets with modular supporting elements (WM 12XXX series). The insulating material under the plaster can also be cut out gradually with a cylinder saw or cut out with a knife. In the case of mineral wool, only the final coat (cover plaster) may be drilled through, the insulation then pushed away sideways from the opening. Please refer as needed to the general information about our tools.



Place the centre drill bit at the marked position and make the cut with a low to medium speed and without percussion. After the initial setup, the 'abrasion' from the drill bit may shift the mark and position of the drill, but the drill bit position is easily corrected (photo). Then quickly drill into the depth. The head cuts up to 60 mm depth. The cut insulation (z. B. styrofoam) is then broken; then the cylinder saw can be set up again for insulation thicknesses > 60 mm; further insulation material can be cut free and broken off again. The actual hole for securing the respective anchor rod in the supporting (load-bearing) wall surface is usually drilled separately with hammer bit SB 16400; for concrete- behind the insulation with hammer drill bit HB 16310. For more information, see the information provide for distance systems/climbing aids on insulation.


Special Features

The shank needs a conventional three-jaw chuck, which is tightened with a drill chuck key or with a manual clamping ring. In other drill chucks, a secure hold is not always guaranteed. Please check the safe, secure fit of the crown in the chuck before beginning to work.



Model "Allmat multi-purpose hole saw" --  contract manufacturing in China for the traditional company Heller Tools GmbH from Dinklake / Lower Saxony / Germany