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Hobby - Masonry Drill Bit 16/400 mm, SB 16400

Hobby - Masonry Drill Bit 16/400 mm, SB 16400

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Affordable two-edged carbide hammer drill bit with hexagonal shank ('hex shank'), type 'ProJahn,' drilling diameter 16 mm, total length 400 mm, working length (= max depth) 310 mm. Original packing in slip pocket with label 'ProJahn.' >>> Price



Hobby-masonry drill bits for use in ordinary impact/percussion drills (with three-jaw chuck). For assembly of Heavy Kits in ETICS/EWIS to 16 cm insulation thickness with masonry, soft natural stone and similar materials. Conditionally suitable for concrete without reinforcement...pre-drilling with a smaller diameter is then recommended. In hollow bricks, aerated (cellular) concrete, and possibly even in normal 'bricks' -- drill without percussion. Not for wood. Cleaning holes with a hole brush and blower allows for higher adhesive forces and is essential for professional bonds with composite mortar. Please refer as needed to the general information on percussion drills.



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Masonry drill with package
Masonry drill with package