Grapevines as Table Grapes: Tried-and-True Varieties

In contrast to grapes intended for winemaking, the berries of table grapes are large and juicy-- edible as they are, 'at the table' (or, at the "Tafel" in German, a term with a rather lavish connotation). Here you will find the varieties recommended by FassadenGrün, chosen according to their yield and tolerance to fungal diseases. We have put together our own assortment of grapevines and sell mainly 2 varieties for home and garden which are often commercially cultivated in Germany ("Muscat Birstaler" and "Muscat Bleu" -- see below). The following sections offer you tips on planting, training, pruning, etc..

General Information

Tips on selecting a variety

"Birstaler Muscat"

A favourite, versatile variety

"Muskat Bleu"

Suitable for facades


For beginners and container gardening 


Magnificent grapes!

"Königliche Esther"

Early ripening, crisp


For the warmest regions


Particularly thin-skinned


For the coldest regions