Table Grape "Palatina"

Palatina is an excellent table grape variety, a queen among grapes.

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Hungarian breeding of "Queen of the Vineyard" (Skolokertek Kiralynoje) x "Seyve Villard 12-375"

Table grape "Palatina" on a wall, 10 cent piece to scale
Table grape "Palatina" on a wall, Euro 10-cent coin for scale

Availability / Price

Available March - May, bare-root. Early ordering is recommended due to limited annual quantity. 

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A fungus-tolerant, vigorous table grape for sunny southeast / west facing walls; for pergola, fence, walls, posts, etc.. Very robust overall, high yield, beautiful sweet grapes.

Grape Clusters

From the 2nd or 3rd year: medium size, 15-20 cm long, with a regular and high yield.

Berries (Grapes)

Green-yellow to golden-yellow with a hint of red, lovely colour when fully ripe! Medium to large, diameter 1.5 - 2 cm, taste is fruity and very sweet. Few seeds-- 1-2 small pips per berry. Winner in a Bavarian grape tasting (of about 30 fungus-tolerant table grape varieties). This grapevine tends to rot in humid conditions where there is little sunshine; should be treated with sulphur spray in early summer and harvested earlier.


Early, around the beginning of September. Can remain on the vine for another 3-4 weeks.


"Palatina" is a registered variety, so propagation is prohibited.