Table Grape "Phoenix"

The value of "Phoenix" lies in its juicy, thin-skinned berries. Its insensitivity to wind makes it suitable for free-standing, wind-exposed pergolas (like the "Birstaler Muscat"). Trellised on walls, Phoenix may unfortunately soon reveal its susceptibility to powdery mildew. It can then only be saved with a sulphur treatment or must be removed completely. This is an appealing table grape variety for cultivating In the open field and in areas with little precipitation.

German variety from "Bacchus" x "Villard blank"

Variety "Phoenix" - 10-cent coin to scale
Variety "Phoenix" - Euro 10-cent coin for scale


"Phoenix" is not available at the moment. 


Originally cultivated for winemaking, this variety is also perfectly suited for producing table grapes. "Phoenix" is a robust and vigorous variety for sunny southeast to west facing walls. Fungus-tolerant, but somewhat susceptible to powdery mildew. No special, and easily adaptable to poor soils. Produces an excellent yield every year. Suitable (even ideal) as a freestanding plant and for pergola greening in positions exposed to the wind. Beautiful yellow foliage in autumn.

Grape Clusters

From the 2nd or 3rd year: large, about 15 cm long, very compact, with berries often tightly packed, high yeild. Take into account the weight of the bunches when planning supports and trellises.

Berries (Grapes)

Green to yellow-green, also grey-yellow, approx. 1.5 - 2 cm, taste tartish-sweet to very sweet with a slight muscat aroma, thin skin, few pips.

Ripeness for Consumption

Moderately early-- about the beginning of September; heavy rains during ripening after a long dry spell can cause the berries to split and consequently rot, so you will need to harvest quickly (wasps will also be attracted!); preferably no more watering from August onward.


"Phoenix" is a registered variety; propagation is prohibited.